The Journey to Blantyre

 The day started at 5.30, quick shower and out the door – or so one would hope….. as Jo and I (we were sharing a room at the hotel) tried to open the door the handle fell off, no panic, call reception and they will let us out… the phone was dead, ok now time to panic!! With a stroke of luck, our neighbor and friend was just leaving her room hoping to catch us before we left. After a few shouts of ‘help’ the door was opened and our journey could begin.

 The coach was pure luxury, comfy seats, refreshments and a loo, something one of our colleague was delighted by, some of our ‘tummies’ were starting to struggle (enough said).

 It is a 4 to 5 hour journey from Lilongue to Blantrye, you cant get lost Malawi only has one road – the M1. The journey takes you through some pretty special scenery – mountain ranges, panoramic views, I am sure you can imagine. But the sights that remain with you long after the journey has finished are those of the poverty. Just at the roadside markets are set up, hundreds of people selling vegetable, repairing bicycles, sitting aimlessly or tending cattle it all sounds rather romantic but it isn’t, this is all carried out in complete squalor. The clothing is filthy and in shreds. It was very hard sitting in our lovely air-conditioned bus looking out on this.

 Once in Blantyre we found a great lodge to stay in. Jo, Vicky and myself (all three of us will be working as nurse or midwife trainers at various places in Malawi) all have separate rooms with our own loo and shower!! Another great thing about this place is good internet connection. Something I must make the most of! The photos are of my room at the lodge and the view from my room!Image


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