Goodbye Worcester

I have now packed up the barn and all my belongings are in storage. It was rather a long and emotional day helped only by the large glass of wine that was waiting for me when I arrived at my parent’s in Chester. I will be spending my last week making final arrangements and ‘cramming’ as much friends and family time in as possible.

I have been steadily working my way down the obligatory TO DO LIST only to be messaged by other volunteers asking what I have done about this and that – well obviously I have done nothing because I had completed forgotten about ‘this or that’! Panic followed by endless phone calls etc.

I had been un-prepared for the emotional tsunami that arrived last night. Quietly sitting in a restaurant with one of my sons the thought of leaving my ‘boys’ suddenly became unbearable. 10 minutes hiding underneath a napkin and I managed to bring myself round. On that basis I am now issuing flood warnings for the heathrow area on Saturday when I have to say goodbye to 3 of them at the airport!

The view from the barn

The view from the barn



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Worcester

  1. I have emailed the Malawi Government about your impending arrival and they really, really…..really wanted to put out a red carpet for you, sis, but it’s at the cleaners.

    When you get time, go to your Dashboard and put up a ”subscriber” widget. It makes it easier for followers.

    You must see if you can make a plan to come over to Jo’burg for your birthday.

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