Goodbye Worcester

I have now packed up the barn and all my belongings are in storage. It was rather a long and emotional day helped only by the large glass of wine that was waiting for me when I arrived at my parent’s in Chester. I will be spending my last week making final arrangements and ‘cramming’ as much friends and family time in as possible.

I have been steadily working my way down the obligatory TO DO LIST only to be messaged by other volunteers asking what I have done about this and that – well obviously I have done nothing because I had completed forgotten about ‘this or that’! Panic followed by endless phone calls etc.

I had been un-prepared for the emotional tsunami that arrived last night. Quietly sitting in a restaurant with one of my sons the thought of leaving my ‘boys’ suddenly became unbearable. 10 minutes hiding underneath a napkin and I managed to bring myself round. On that basis I am now issuing flood warnings for the heathrow area on Saturday when I have to say goodbye to 3 of them at the airport!

The view from the barn

The view from the barn



Packing and Preparation

Well, after twenty years the time has finally come. The boys have grown up and all left home so now it is my time.

I have wanted to volunteer overseas, specifically Africa for so many years, the boys had started to question whether I would ever really do it. When I initially registered my interest with VSO I don’t think I actually believed they would be interested in me, to be honest there is still a surreal quality about the whole situation.

I have spent every waking hour for the last few months reading and re-reading VSO documentation, attending courses and form-filling and at last everything bar my last rabies injection has been done. Now all I have to do is pack. Anyone who tells you that packing is a quick and easy job obviously has not done it much!! Every time I open another draw there are some photos to look at or little mementoes of special events that mean I get lost in my thoughts for yet another precious half and hour!

I am obviously going to miss everyone but feel so excited – this really does feel like a new beginning!

Thanks to everyone for all your support and good wishes.